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Mint your own
space card!

An upgradable NFT which allows you to access paid features and customize your visual appearance.

5,000 unique NFTs available on Binance Smart chain.

BSC 0 / 5,000

minted Max. 10 per wallet

Win $500 by minting!

The next 100 mints of Space Cards will have a chance to win $500! Winners will be randomly selected!

Mints from 200-300 will participate!
Please use chrome with Metamask or the dApp browser inside your wallet to mint. You may use other wallets and browsers but make sure it's Web3 compatible.

Refer to earn!

Earn 25% commission of every mint made by your referrals!

No extra fees. Payout instantly. Applies to all future collections.

Calculating total value... 613 BNB potential commission potential payouts

Unlock traits to increase the rarity!

All cards are minted with a unique name color trait and unique base card that's only obtainable through the mint. Each base card have different max. traits ranging from 3 to 7.

  • Random name color
  • Post highlightings
  • Avatar border
  • Post homepage priority
  • Search listing priority
  • Post font styling
  • Vote highlighting
  • And many more!

We're addding new possible traits over time so be mindful of when you're upgrading your card! Values calculated are based on the current $SPACES value of $0.000000402000000000. Increase in $SPACES value will increase the yearly values of the NFTs as well.


Total NFTs

Yearly value

0.5 BNB

Mint price


Min. value



Potential value


The longer you hold the higher value the Space Card will have had to you!

Once minted your Space Card unlocks name color which is normally priced at 2,000,000 $SPACES per 7 days active. That single booster value equals to $42 every year.

Upgrading the card will add more features which further increases the yearly value and uniqueness of your card.

+ $52

Post highligh

Yearly value

+ $21

Avatar border

Yearly value

+ $105

Search priority

Yearly value

+ $42

Font styling

Yearly value

How to mint an Space Card?

It's super easy and simple to mint an Space Card and connect it to your profile.


Connect your wallet

Use a Web3 compatible browser like Chrome with MetaMask to connect.


Mint the NFT

Click on the Mint now button and confirm the transaction.


Connect to profile

Sign in to your profile and head over to Space Cards and click connect.


Upgrade your cards

Optional: Use $SPACES to upgrade your card and access more traits.

Usage of minting funds

The funds from the mints will be directly used to strenghten the $SPACES token ecosystem. Funds will be funneled to below areas and spent to directly increase the value of the Space Cards.


Buyback and reserve

The buyback and reserve funds will be used to buy up tokens and reserve them for future events like airdrops, giveaways, bridging etc. The exact time for these buyback will not neccesarily be announced, but you may freely keep track of the wallet.


Buyback and burn

The buyback and burn funds will be used to buy back tokens directly from Pancakeswap over an extended period of time and burn tokens. These buys will be automated using a local server to perform small buys regularly over the duration.


Secure future expenses

The expenses funds will be used to secure the platforms growth long term. Funds will be used periodically to pay for servers, 3rd party services, APIs, nodes and everything else used to ensure the platforms stability.


Large scale marketing campaign

The marketing funds will be used to initate a large scale marketing campaign across well-known channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Dextools, Bscscan and other popular medias to aquire new users. The main objective will be to increase global awareness and push the platform activity.

All future royalty fees will also be transferred to this wallet.

Unable to connect to wallet

Please connect using a browser inside your wallet or simply use your computer to connect.

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